About Us

It was more than 20 years ago. Hak Ann and I, as well as several young people in church loved singing and writing songs. We were not ambitious then, but simply wanted to use our music to encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. By God’s grace, these songs were well-received by many young Christians and seekers. Given that there was a lack of mandarin gospel songs in the market, we decided to compile a collection of songs and recorded a cassette, and then our first album 《Homeward Bound》  was created. That same year, in 1991, we set up a singing group, and named it: 316 Music Ministry. The name was inspired from the popular Bible verse John 3:16: "For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life." We hoped that whenever someone asks for the origin and meaning of our group’s name, we would have the opportunity to share with them the love of God.

Later on in 1996, we recorded a second cassette and CD 《Unbounded Heart》.  Back then, our singers included Tan Pik Yee, Shirley Kan, Josephine Lim, Fam Saw Ching, Raymond Fam, David Fam and so on. Although we did not distribute many cassettes or CDs then, our music was not only contained in Singapore, but it also spread to the churches in Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, the United States of America, Australia, Indonesia and many other countries. At the same time, we received a lot of encouragement and positive feedback! When we found out that the 316 songs have traveled far and wide, and also brought encouragement to our fellow Christians and seekers, our hearts were filled with joy and thanksgiving to God!

After our 2nd CD, because many members of the group had personal commitments and were busy serving in other ministries, all 316 Music Ministry activities were put on hold temporarily. But there remained two veterans in the group that did not give up writing songs. Over the years, we continued composing songs here and there; and we also heard that there were people who hoped that the 316 Music Ministry would continue to create albums and share music. Since God has given us these talents to serve Him, we should continue using these talents for Him and thus, we decided to create our 3rd album. We hoped that the new album would once again encourage the faithful in Singapore, our brothers and sisters overseas, all seekers, and those who want to reignite their initial love for the Lord.

The 316 Music Ministry that we have today comprises of brothers and sisters in Singapore and Malaysia. We thank the Lord that these people also want to use music to serve and praise God. And the mission of the 316 Music Ministry is to use our music to preach the gospel to all Chinese communities in the world, and to sing praises to our Lord God Almighty. We also hope to encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to trust in the Lord wholeheartedly and to hold fast to eternal life.

The mission of the 316 Music Ministry is to use our music to preach the gospel to all Chinese communities in the world, and to sing praises to our Lord God Almighty. We also hope to encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to trust in the Lord wholeheartedly and to hold fast to eternal life.

Our Mission Statement:

We compose, to preach the love of our Lord Jesus

We praise, because God is worthy of praise

We sing, to become God’s messengers through music

We witness, because salvation is a gift for all

We share, to let others know the true original religion

316 Management Team: 316 Male Singers: 316 Female Singers:
1.Lim Hak Ann 1. Kevin Tain 1. Orielle Lin
2.Tan Lee Gek 2. Donny Tan 2. Chan Man See
3.Gilly Ching 3. Henry Tan 3. Sheena Quek
4.Linus Wee 4. Fam Saw Ching 4. MayJune Tan
  5. Linus Wee 5. Ellie Liu
  6. Joshua Soon 6. Jessie Tan
316 Young Singers: Support Committee :
1. Tan Rou Jing 1. Tan Hui Voon 7. Karen Seng
  2. Diane Lee 8. Raymond Tan
  3. Tan Jia Hong 9. Karyne Wee
  4. Tan Lee Keng 10. Marcus Quek
  5. Gan Hee Mei 11. Curtis Lai
  6. Rachel Lau 12. Eden Teo

“I am overwhelmed with gratefulness whenever I looked back on how God has brought me thus far in this ministry. It is not because I am talented in singing nor I am deserved. Often times my heart was touched by the songs even though I have listened to it so many times. I am thankful to our Living God for giving me the priviledge to praise and to serve Him in such a wonderful way. There is no greater joy than to witness many souls being touched by God. He is knocking at the door today. Would you let Him come into your life? God has changed my life. And, I hope you will experience the abundant blessings from God too!”
~Lim Huey Ying

“Thank God for giving me the opportunity to sing with the younger folks. Pray that I will be able to sing till Jesus comes.”
~Fam Saw Ching

“Even though I am from an English-speaking background, I agreed immediately when asked to join 316. It doesn’t matter what language it is in, I was overjoyed at the chance to sing and use my voice for God. And Afterall, music is the universal language that binds all His people as one and reaches the innermost depths of the soul. May God continue to bless this ministry and touch the hearts of those who hear these songs.“
~Sheena Quek

“Hello everyone, my name is Joewyn. I am very happy for the opportunity to join 316 Music Ministry, a ministry that uses songs to praise the Lord and witness for God. In these short months, I have received many blessings, and the support and encourage I receive from the group have showed me the unity between my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Even though we faced many setbacks during the recording the concert, our spirit does not falter but instead grows stronger. We thank the Lord for His guidance. Whatever little talents we have, we put it in God's hands and He makes everything beautiful. Even with our imperfections and flaws, He can piece together a beautiful picture. Only God alone is worthy of our praise!“
~Joewyn Yu

“I am very thankful to God for 316 music ministry because through this group, my talents and service to God converged. I believe this the joy and satisfaction that I experienced in ministry is not anything that any worldly endeavour can give. What makes working hand in hand with 316 for God's service a real joy is the mutual love and consideration showed by every member of the 316 group.

316 has been the best experience of my past two years and I look forward to capturing many more wonderful memories with 316 on film.
May God bless and grow this ministry as we serve Him with all our hearts. “
~Karen Seng

“During my childhood years, I've always heard my dad play the album 《Homeward Bound》 in the car and sang it during church service. The melodies from this album were always in my mind growing up.

When I was a teenager, I was asked to help to be a volunteer for the release of their new album 《Unbound Heart》. I've always enjoyed listening to their songs as they present God's wonderful messages woven into their melodies and arrangements

As I became a young adult.. 316 Music Ministry asked me to help accompany them in one of their medleys. Little did I know that God was paving the way for my deep involvement in this ministry. The more I used my musical talents for the Lord, the more He gave me and expanded my reach to do vocal arrangements, music arrangements and even to the recording process in their 3rd CD - 《Living out the Will of God》

And here we are at the 4th album 《How much Longer must we Wait》 where I even had a chance to do my own compositions and add it into the album. God is good as He has watched over us throughout this whole album process as well as our various concerts overseas.. He has provided everything for us, finances, equipments, opportunities, talents and all we need to do is to work together with Him and we can trust that He will lead the way.

In preparation for the 5th album... I'm confident that God will continue to bless us as we stay true to Him and continue to do His bidding.. After all, 316 Music Ministry is God's ministry.. And we are all workers working with Him to preach and share our songs to reach the whole world to tell them that "He is coming soon!" “
~Linus Wee

“Throughout my early Christian walk, I’ve always wondered how God was going to be able to use someone with as little talent as I to serve Him. Often, I would get discouraged and admired others that seemed to be able to serve God much better than I did.

However, 3 years ago, the 316 Music Ministry approached me and invited me to join them as a singer. I then came to realize that service to God meant so much more than what I had thought about in the past. As long as we are willing, God has a purpose and a ministry for each and every one of us to serve Him in. Just like the parable of the five loaves and two fishes, I offered whatever little I had, and He multiplied and expanded my talents to be a blessing to others. Singing with the 316 Music Ministry has shown me that music can be one of the many ways in which I can reach out to those around me. Through songs, I am able to share of God's love to others, remind them of the Lord's soon coming and to also offer words of encouragement in trying times.

I have learnt to partner with Christ on this journey of music evangelism with the 316 Music Ministry and I know that God will continue to guide us as a group as long as we are willing to follow His will. 316 Music Ministry, Sing for the Lord, Sing for His Purpose!“
~Orielle Lin

316 Music Ministry is an independent gospel singing group with no affiliations to and endorsements from any Christian groups or denominations. The group comprises of both Singaporeans and Malaysians who love Mandarin gospel songs and hopes to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His love and His plan of salvation through music.

316 Music Ministry’s compositions are not only original and simple but also inspirational, touching listeners by the grace of Jesus Christ. The messages contained are the need of present times to inspire Christians and non-Christians to have a closer relationship with Christ, glorifying and praising His name. We welcome you to our sharing corner and invite you to browse the testimonies shared.

316 Music Ministry is not restricted to a single denomination. We are willing to assist churches in their evangelism, using our gospel songs to reach out to the Mandarin speaking communities of the world. 316 Music Ministry is also not restricted to any institution. Wherever the Lord leads, be it churches, schools, hospitals or prisons, we are willing to serve Him with our gospel music.